Business coaching to meet your needs

Philo Learning Opportunities

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your individual business

Business Audit

Full day review into your organization and evaluation of company standing.

Philo Workshops

Workshops are the 4th Wednesday of each month both in person and available online

Philo Summit

A one-day business seminar designed for professionals and leaders who want to take their careers to the next level!

What we do

What is Philo Solutions?

For visionary entrepreneurs like yourself, who are ready to understand their business philosophy, the why behind what you do, and providing tools and resources to lead your organization to your vision.

Philo Wisdom

"It's really simple…buckle down, do the things, or GET OUT! You are either running your business or its running you."

Meet your business coach

Stephanie Austin



Philo Solutions offers a variety of one-on-one and group training options for business owners and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, stressed out and looking for ways to take control of their business.



Philo Solutions has training available made specifically for your employees to help them be become better organized, more prepared and more efficient with their role in the company.

experience that matters

For over a decade I sat in your seat, CEO of a multi-million dollar company with multiple locations and employees.